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Google An Internet Young Gun Again, Joining LinkedIn

Google (GOOG) enjoyed a huge stock run from its August 2004 IPO to the end of 2007. But after a long struggle in what appeared to be an early midlife crisis, the search giant has once again become an Internet “young gun.”

IBD’s Screen Of The Day is Young Guns — top-performing stocks that came public within the last 15 years. Big winners tend to come from nimble, relatively youthful firms. And tech firms often are game changers. Despite its size — Google recently topped IBM (IBM) and Microsoft (MSFT) in terms of market capitalization, the company remains innovative.

Tech-giant Google has expanded beyond just search ads, developing the Chrome desktop browser and Android, the world’s most-used smartphone operating system, even more than uber-trendy Apple (AAPL).

One of its main search peers, the Chinese giant Baidu (BIDU), has been rocked by some analyst price target reductions in part on fierce competition in that market.

Google has largely pulled out of China on censorship issues, ceding the space to Baidu. But Google is locked in tighter competition in Russia with Yandex (YNDX), another IBD Young Gun. The search company has a top-tier 99 Composite Rating. It’s also a new addition to the elite IBD 50 list, at No. 45.

Cloud computing is a relatively young field. So it stands to reason that a pioneer in the space has a relatively few years under its belt as a public company. NetSuite (N), which delivers on-demand enterprise software over the Web, tripled earnings per share 200% in its last quarter. Bigger enterprise software players such as Oracle (ORCL) and SAP (SAP) are now racing to reinvent themselves as cloud firms.

Another Internet Young Gun is professional networking site LinkedIn (LNKD). LinkedIn is much smaller than Facebook (FB). But it also doesn’t have the baggage associated with the social media giant. It also is far less dependent on online advertising. LinkedIn shares were up 164% from its May 2011 debut. Facebook famously flopped this past May, and was down 41% from that IPO.

Google, LinkedIn and network management software maker SolarWinds (SWI) also pull double-duty, appearing on both the Young Guns and IBD 50.

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September 8, 2012: How to Make Money in Stocks Radio Show

Listen the radio show and learn how to invest in stock market:

Here are two nice charts talking about in the radio show.


A nice article talking about specialty food retailers

Whole Foods Market - WFM

The Fresh Market - TFM

GNC Holdings – GNC

Annies Inc – BNNY

Vitamin Cottage Natural Food Markets  NGVC


Base patterns from IBD

Base Patterns

  • A base pattern occurs when a stock’s price falls and consolidates over a series of weeks or months.
  • Bases typically form after a prior price uptrend of at least 30%.
  • The base serves as the foundation for the stock’s later climb – sort of like the foundation of a house. If it’s not solid, it can make any levels built above it unstable.
    • A cup-with-handle base is one of the most powerful base patterns.
    • Base shape: resembles a teacup as seen from its side view.
    • Base length: lasts at least seven weeks.
    • Base depth: usually 15% to 35% but may be deeper if it forms during a bear market.
    • Base characteristics: cup preferably has a smooth “U” shape rather than a sharp “V” shape.
    • Buy Point calculation: ten cents above the peak in the handle.
    • Handle characteristics:
      • Length: five days or more
      • Depth: generally 10% to 15%
      • Should drift downward as volume dries up.
      • Should form in the upper half of the base.
  • Potential flaws in a base.
    • Racing straight up from the bottom of the base to new highs.
    • Wide and loose price swings.
    • Wedging as the handle forms.
    • Handles that form below the midpoint of the base.

Flat Base

  • Base shape: shallow and flat
  • Base length: at least five weeks
  • Base depth: no deeper than 15%;
  • Base characteristics: often occur after a stock rushes out of a previous base and stalls
  • Tend to form when the broader market is not making much upward progress
  • Buy point calculation: ten cents above the peak of the left side of the base

Double-Bottom Base

  • Base shape: resembles the letter “W”
  • Base length: at least seven weeks
  • Base depth: up to 35% but may be deeper during a bear market
  • Base characteristics:
    • The low point of the second leg of the “W” should undercut the low of the first leg of the “W”
    • The middle peak of the “W” should be lower than the high at the beginning of the base.
    • The middle peak of the “W” should also be above the mid-point of the base
  • Buy point calculation: ten cents above the middle peak of the “W”

Ascending Base

  • Base shape: series of three mild pullbacks each having a higher top and a higher low than the pullback that preceded it.
  • Base length: nine to 16 weeks
  • Base depth: each pullback should be 10% to 20% deep
  • Base characteristics: starts to form at least 20% above the stock’s previous base
  • Buy point calculation: ten cents above the peak of the third and final pullback

Saucer Base

  • Base shape: resembles a saucer
  • Base length: seven weeks to more than a year
  • Base depth: usually 12% to 20%
  • Base characteristics:  tends to have a low Relative Price Strength Rating; may form a handle
  • Buy point calculation:
    • With handle: ten cents above the peak in the handle
    • Without handle: ten cents above peak of left side of base

unemployment and payroll number

Job growth improvement. So stock market cheers and jump but with low volume. That is no impressive.

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